Mount Nemrut…

Would you like to experience the best Sunset or Sunrise of the World from Mount Nemrut ?

For human-being, at each period of history the sun was the most useful, unavoidable and adored phenomenon. Sunrise or sunset always inspired us. The most beautiful poems, songs and pictures ,all have been adorned with the image of the sun. There is almost nobody who has not watched the sun rising or setting at the sea-shore or behind a mountain and has find pleasure in this scenery. Not every spot in the world is an adequate scene for this fascinating natural wonder. But there are certain places in the world , where sunrise or sunset almost turns into a ceremony, like the parts of an unknown symphony. Without doubt, Mount  Nemrut is one of the the spots in the world, where you can watch the most fascinating sunrise or sunset. It’s here ,where the gods watch sunrise and sunset.

Mount Nemrut is located within the borders of the district Kahta of the province Adıyaman. It is situated 51 km, north-east from Kahta. It takes 85 km from Adıyaman city center. With the tumulus, which is the on the top of mountain, Mount Nemrut is at an altitude of 2150 m from the sea level and is far dominating its surrounding. Mount Nemrut owes its name and fame to the Hierothesion ,which is situated on the peak. Verbally, Hierothesion means place bearing something holy in it.It is a term peculiar to Commagene. It consist of a tumulus ,which is on three sides surrounded  by terraces carved into the rock and gigantic statues  and reliefs situated on them. All this gathering ,which consists of architectural and sculpture Works, form a synthesis of certain cultures. For example syncretism of eastern and western deities can be seen. Apollo is depicted together with Mithras ,Helios and Hermes; Herakles with Ares and Artognes ;  Zeus with Ahuramazda; Commagene with Tykhe as a sole embodiment .


The Tumulus is placed right in the middle of the peak with a height of 50 m. (originally It was 75 m.) According to studies made recently, it has been determined that the graveyard is engraved into the rock formation. Tumulus is a hill situated on this rock formation and made of small stones in the dimensions of a fist. On an inscription it is stated that this coverage has been made in order to protect the outer appearance of King Antiochos ,which was in a quite well condition until his old ages and to let him rest in peace until eternally after the  Gods have sent their beloved soul to the throne of Zeus at the sky. This inscription together with findings at hand and other inscriptions reveal that this tumulus belongs to Antiochos the I. Probably, the graveyard within the rock formation under the tumulus is housing either bones or ashes of the king.

An eastern ,western and northern terrace flanks the tumulus, which is engraved into the hard rock formation.

Finally, Mount Nemrut and environment has been included Unesco’s World Heritage List in 1987 and It has been proclaimed National Park in 1988.

Mount Nemrut  is a place that you must watch one of  the best sunrise or sunset before you die. Do it. Travel is a therapy.

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