Unique Architecture “Button Houses…”

Have you ever  heard or seen “ “?

, where you can reach with  a pleasant journey from Antalya through the Taurus Mountains, is the district to authentic architectural style of  “300-year-old Button Houses.“ 

While it offers a peaceful destination with its untouched nature, it is possible to see the “Button House” which reflects the traditional architecture.

These unique buildings get their names from the wooden parts of the houses that were left outside to be used as scaffold during their construction. These parts were called “buttons” by the locals.

If you wonder about technique how the locals constructed these “Button Houses”, they used only wooden and stone materials in the construction of the button houses. Because of limited transportation access, locals preferred to use easy-to-find and practical materials.

Locals preferred cedar and juniper trees which are easy to find in the region for the construction of the wooden frame . Cedar and juniper wood can last for long periods of time.”

The construction begins by placing 2 meter longmaterials vertically and horizontally. Later, by stockpiling, the gaps are filled with stones found in the region in abundance. Button houses were mostly constructed as double-story buildings,

In this district there are many untouched with “Button Houses”.  Most known ones are Ormana, Sarıhacılar and Urunlu villages. You can not find anywhere in this unique architecture. They are all hidden gems of .

So if you are in Turkey , you may book a tour via to discover  “Button Houses.” It will be more than you expect.

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