Is there visa application requirement for entrance Turkey ?

You can easily access the main for visa application procedures in Turkey at

Is ıt better to independently or go to Turkey as a part of a private or  group tour ?

The way to see and experience Turkey depends on one's knowledge, experience, and personal preferences. Touring is a safe way to experience new cultures and to see new places with peace of mind. However, some travelers may prefer to visit sites independently without the confines of schedules and timetables.

Will I be able to use my mobile phone in Turkey ?

Yes – providing your phone is international roaming enabled.

The 3 main GSM operators in Turkey are Turkcell, Avea and Vodafone and all GSM operators have roaming agreements with international operators.

What is the time difference?

Turkey is on GMT + 2 (daylight saving = GMT +3 and operates between late March to late September). This means generally that Turkey is 1 hour ahead of and 2 hours ahead of the UK standard times. Still it is a good idea to check the local time when you arrive in Turkey and adjust your watch accordingly.

Can I use my Credit Card in Turkey ?

Credit cards are accepted in most shops and restaurants in the main Cities or Resorts areas. This may not be the case in smaller or remote places so it is generally a good idea to try always to have some cash handy.

What is the best time to travel in Turkey ?

This actually depends on what kind of vacation you get and which places you want to see in Turkey. Our country experiences intense mobility mostly between April – December months. But still the rest of the year in Turkey, regions such as ,  and  offer their visitors  a different kind of beauty in each month. Keep in your mind that in low season, prices are lower as well when compared to the peak seasons.

Is it safe to travel in Turkey ?

Turkey is one of the safest countries in the , according to comparative statistics and its crime rate is low in comparison to many Western European countries. Interpol ranked Turkey as the safest holiday destination in Europe for travelers. Naturally, we recommend that travelers to Turkey exercise the same precautions they would elsewhere, and be aware of security concerns that affect all international travelers

How should visitors dress in Turkey ?

Casual wear is appropriate for most tour excursions. Women wear pants or skirts, but when visiting mosques it is recommended that they cover their heads with a scarf and both sexes should not wear shorts out of respects for religious customs.