Greek Islands That You Can Visit Daily From Turkey

Islands are one of the most enjoyable summer holiday destinations that you can easily plan a trip from amazing  . In this blog post, we would like  to write about some Greek Islands that can be easily reached from Turkey.

So now Let's discover some of those Greek Islands, which are close to the borders and always waiting you for a perfect holiday atmosphere!

1 – Chios ( Sakız) Island

This island is right across Cesme, the popular holiday destination of Izmir. It takes its name and fame from the mastic trees that grow in its fertile soil. This island, whose name is ‘Chios' in Greek, also has a glorious history. On the island, we can observe the traces of different cultures of Genoese, Byzantine and Ottoman. There are castle villages built against these attacks on Chios Island, which has been attacked by many pirates throughout history. The most famous ones are Pirgi and Mesta.

There are many historical buildings and museums worth seeing on the island of Chios, which bears traces of many civilizations that ruled here throughout history. The four sides of the island are surrounded by beaches of different beauty. Gifts and aromatic foods using mastic are of great interest.

It is one of the most beautiful islands of the Aegean . With its beautiful architecture, clean sea and natural beauties of its white , it attracts the attention of tourists who are looking for a quiet holiday throughout all four seasons. There are many options for accommodation in Chios.

2- Lesvos (Midilli) Island

Lesbos is the third largest island of Greece. Lesvos, a mountainous island, is located in the northeast of the Aegean Sea and is closer to Ayvalık and Burhaniye than to the Greek mainland. According to mythology, the first name of the island was Pelasgiya, but it has undergone changes throughout history. Although we call the island as Midilli, today its local name is lesvos.

The island has a glorious history. You can follow the traces of Rome, Byzantium and Ottoman Empire while strolling the streets of Lesbos. Ermu Street on the island offers you restaurants with delicious Greek dishes.

3- Samos (Sisam) Island

Samos; It fascinates those who come to visit it with its calmness, pleasant environment and beaches of exquisite natural beauty. You can reach Samos Island, the hometown of the famous mathematician Pythagoras, with a 1.5-hour sea journey from Kuşadası/Turkey and Seferihisar/Turkey. The center of the island is the city of Vathi. There are ferry services from Turkey to the ports of Karlovasi, the largest city, and the city of Pythagoreio, where Pythagoras was born. Fishing is an important source of livelihood on this island. Samos, which is on the Heritage List, stands out with its nature as well as its historical and archaeological sites. Every year lots of  tourists visit this island. It stands out among the Greek islands with its blue and clean seas.

4- Kos (Istankoy) Island

Kos island is one of the islands closest to Turkey in the Aegean Sea. The island is literally a paradise. Every year, hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Kos, the island where Hippocrates was born.

Among the Greek islands, Kos is one of the two islands with the largest Muslim population, along with . It is known as Kos by the Turks. You can reach Kos by a 30-45-minute sea journey from Bodrum and Turgutreis. It is one of the must-visit places. Marmari Beach, which is located on the island, is a frequent destination for surfers as it receives the ideal wind with its narrow and long sandy beach. Known as Bodrum's twin sister, Kos shines as one of the most important islands of archipelago tourism with its delicious restaurants and stylish clothing boutiques.

5- Rhodes Island

Rhodes is the largest island of Greece. You can reach Rhodes in 1.5 hours from Marmaris and Bodrum. It has a population of over 130,000. With its archaeological ruins and beautiful beaches, the island attracts thousands of tourists every year. Rhodes is an important Greek island with its lively nightlife and unique restaurants. Rhodes has many impressive beaches, each with its own beauty. You can enjoy the sea and the sun on these beaches. Please note that the island also has a thermal spring. You can come across Ottoman architectures in every corner of Rhodes Island, which is on the Unesco World Cultural Heritage List. The reason for this is that the island remained under Ottoman rule for 400 years.

The common culture of the Greek islands with Turkey, the similarity of streets, delicious foods, calm and stress-free daily life are always worth discovering. If you come to Turkey one day, you have chance  a daily visit Greek Islands from Turkey.  is a therapy.

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