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welcomes lots of visitors each year and is one of the  popular holiday destination  in .Here in Antalya, enjoy the amazing sun,swim in the warm water of Mediterranean.See Antalya's natural beauties and gorgeous beaches. Go from sea to sky via cable car for an amazing panoramic  view of coastline and Taurus Mountains up to top of Tahtali.For history lovers ,head to one of the best museums in Turkey named as Antalya Archaelogical Museum. One of the 's most popular sports, golf, try it this time in Antalya… Especially the area of , 30 km east of Antalya, there is a potential for golf with the unique bonus of the cultural, natural and historical sightseeing of the region.

Stroll in and the old city (Kaleici) where you can find the mixture of Roman and Ottoman architecture.Hide from the heat by walking into Karain cave.Explore the ruins of ancient cities

For something a bit different, you can try a rafting trip in Antalya. An exciting day out which gives you the opportunity to race the rapids while viewing the breathtaking cedar forests of especially the Koprulu Canyon National Park. See the eternal flames of Chimaera which are one of the greatest natural phenomenons on earth and more. If you want to make your holiday memorable,you can join us.

Below we have some tours for Antalya both in private basis and regular group tours.Up to your wish,we can customize the tours according to your taste. Here we are to plan your trip.

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  • That Antalya is also known as “the paradise on earth”, “the pearl of the Mediterranean”, and “the Turkish Riviera”?
  • That the most magnificient and the best-preserved ancient theatre in Asia and Africa is the Aspendos Theatre in Antalya ?
  • That, in addition to numerous archaeological cities and historic buildings, Antalya offers lots of waterfalls,caves and an endless beach ?
  • That the world-class golf clubs of Antalya are among the favourites of internationally famous golfers ?
  • That the city was visited by Attalos ,and subsequently by queens and emperors such as Cleopatra and Hadrian ?
  • That Antalya Museum is one of the world's most important museums thanks to the ancient statues on display ?


In Antiquity,the coastal region where Antalya is located was known as “Pamphylia “,and prehistoric artefacts have been found here that date back to the Paleolithic Era.These lands are regarded as the area known in the Hittite Period as Arzava.Research has shown that the Karain Cave to the northwest of the city was among the first settled places in the world.The foundation of a city in Antalya dates back to 159-138 BC when Attalos II, the second king of Pergamon,founded a city with his own name “Attaleia”. Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans ruled the city,respectively.After the separation of Roman Empire, Attaleia remained under domination.The city was one of the most important trade harbours of the Eastern Mediterranean in the Byzantine Period.Its ownership changed continuously between Byzantines,Turks and Arabs from the beginning of the 12th century.Finally, Seljuk Turks took over Attaleia in 1207 in the period of Sultan Gıyaseddin Keyhusrev.The Seljuk Turks and Anatolian Turkish Tribes ruled the city for 183 years.In 1390, the city was taken by Ottoman forces in the period of Sultan Yildirim Beyazid.It lost its importance as a trade port by the mid-19th century and became an agriculture centre.The administrative status of Antalya was a kind of provincial subdivision namely “sanjak” in the Ottoman period.Then Antalya was given “province” status after the provincial organisation adopted in 1864.After the establishment of the Republic of Turkey in 1923,Antalya became one of the 81 provinces of Turkey.

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