Fascinating and Inspiring Destination: Halfeti

Halfeti is among the most important destinations of the Southeastern Anatolia region. Set on the banks of the Euphrates, Halfeti’s history dates back almost 3000 years. In 1954, this town became a district of Sanliurfa province. With the completion of the Birecik Dam, much of the region was submerged under the waters.

The district was founded by the Assyrians in the 9th century BC under the name Şitamrat. The region, which was under the rule of the Seljuks in the 11th century AD and the Ottomans in the 16th century AD, and named Rumkale, today consists of two parts: Old Halfeti and New Halfeti. Due to the Birecik Dam, most of the district, which has hosted many civilizations until today, remains under water. District residents move to New Halfeti, which is approximately 7 km away. The must-see historical buildings of the district and the natural beauties under protection are in Old Halfeti.

It is called a hidden paradise, especially after 2000. Now It  draws  tourists with its “sunken city” boat tours. The minaret of a submerged mosque and the Savasan neighborhood, which is home to abandoned old houses, are the best  places of the district. The “Karagül” plant, which is only grown up  in  the region, is another attraction for tourists.

This settlement was titled “Slow City” in the year 2013 and thus became the touristic centre of the region with its cultural and natural heritage. It is ready to fascinate you with its historical and natural beauty.

This place is inspiring and  absolutely awesome. Halfeti is awaiting you with its traditional cuisine, unique culture and unusual geography. So make your way to this beautiful place. Travel is a therapy.

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