The Story of Denizli Kebap

Turkish cuisine is one of the best in the world. Wherever you are in Turkey, You can find delicious foods to eat that you never forget. Turkish Kebap is one of them. Different parts of Turkey , we have many types of Turkish Kebap with different tastes. They are all mouth-watering. In this post we are going to mention about yummy Denizli Kebap. It gets its name from modern city Denizli.

Actually the history of Denizli kebap goes back to the mid-1800s. It is known that Denizli Kebab has its origin in Kaleici Bazaar which has been the center of shopping and commerce from past to present with its 800-year history in Denizli.  So lets learn its story.

If you visit Kaleici Bazaar in city centre of Denizli, you can see a huge poplar tree at central part of bazaar. In the old times, people from villages and around Denizli did come to Kaleici . Around poplar tree they did try to sell their small ruminants.

And at the same time, small ruminats especially the (6-12 months) lambs  were slaughtered and cut in the butchers and sold to the citizens.

Slaughtered animals were hung on the poplar tree and kept there. While it was not a problem to keep the slaughtered animals in the winter, it was not possible to keep them in the summer. So If they could not sell lamb meat in summer time, they had to cook. After cooking, they wrapped meats in pitas bought from the pita shops in Kaleici and offer lamb meats to the citizens who came to Kaleici for shopping. As a result, when the locals saw that the kebab they made was highly appreciated by the citizens, they turned it into a profession over time.

This profession successfully continue for 6 generations. With Denizli kebab we offer this unique flavor to the people  from all over the world.

Cooking Technique of Denizli Kebap

Denizli Kebab is cooked in specially produced ovens. It is made of firebrick that keep heat for a long time. Mastic tree wood is used in the oven. Due to the characteristics of mastic wood, it burns at high temperatures for a long time, at the same time it does not emit smoke or smell. Generally, male milk lambs less than 20 kg  and under age (6-12 months) are preferred for Denizli Kebap.

A fire is lit in the kebab oven every morning around 8 am. Till the oven is ready, the whole lamb is cut into eight pieces consisting forearm, paddle, rib , Fleto .

They are skewered on both sides with stainless iron skewers. Then lamb meats goes to oven for cooking. Apart from this, no other processing is done. Denizli Kebab, which is cooked in the oven with its own oil for 3 hours, is served with or without bones, depending on the guests’ preference. The guest can prefer the oily, low-oil and non-oil parts of the kebab.

It is served with Turkish Pita which turns into a unique taste. Denizli Kebab can be consumed with our traditional drink Ayran (made with yoghurt), coke, etc. We also serve it with tomatoes, onions which makes it more delicious.

Eating Method of Denizli Kebap

One more thing we want to point out that there is something really interesting. In kebab restaurants they serve Denizli Kebap without fork or knife. You should eat it by hand. For the first time,It was emerged in this way and today it is a tradition to eat without fork and knife If you really want to taste Denizli Kebap.

But actually there is a scientific explanation for eating method of Denizli Kebap. Changing the eating method of Denizli Kebab also changes the pleasure and taste. We can say that ıf you eat it by hand, the more tasty ıt will be. In this scientifically proven method, the connection between the hands and the sense of taste to the brain is a definite information in terms of taste.

Come to Denizli which is very close to nature wonder Pamukkale (20 km) and Enjoy yummy Denizli Kebap .

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