The Secret Paradise of the Mediterranean, Salda Lake

Every corner of our country is full of beauty to visit and see. One of them is Salda Lake, located within the borders of the Mediterranean region. With its turquoise clear  water and white sands, Lake Salda is very similar to the Maldives, which everyone admires. Salda Lake, which is a tectonic crater lake, is very rich in soda and magnesium. Since it is rich with magnesium and soda, it has  the beaches which is white.

Natural wonder Salda Lake is  located near Yesilova district of modern city Burdur  which is only 95 km away from unique Pamukkale (Cotton Castle ). Salda Lake  is Turkey’s cleanest,world’s fifth cleanest lake which  is known as Turkey’s Maldives with it’s turquoise colour.It is also  one of the deepest lakes of Turkey(184 m)

It has a location that can be easily reached via the Denizli – Antalya highway and in the last a few years , Salda Lake started to be very popular.

It Has the Characteristics of Mars

In addition to the visual feast it offers, Its similarity to the geological structure of Mars with its rock formations  draws attention.

Despite its unique beauty, Salda Lake has still not lost its untouched nature thanks to the fact that it is hidden among the mountains.

There are beaches in certain parts of the lake for those who want to swim in the summer months.

So after reading this post, you may add Salda Lake to your travel list. For sure , you should not miss this wonderful lake, If you are in Turkey.

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