Hot Air Balloon in Pamukkale

Pamukkale is one of the top destinations of Turkey and matchless in the world with its cotton-look terraces. Tourists and locals visit Pamukkale and Hierapolis frequently not only for its extraordinary look and its ancient history but also for wellness. So to experience this natural beauty and it’s historical site of Hierapolis from sky, hot air balloon ride in Pamukkale is one of the best option like Paragliding over Pamukkale.

Did you know that Hierapolis-Pamukkale was made a World Heritage Site in 1988 ?

Did you know that more than a million visitors come to Pamukkale every year ?

Is Hot Air Ballooning  safe ?

When traveling, you should not have to worry about whether your recreational activities are safe or not. Fortunately, hot air ballooning is one of the safest means of flying in existence. Your safety is always our number one priority, and Hot Air Expeditions is committed to only flying in safe conditions and balloons. We will not launch a balloon when it is too windy, or in unstable weather conditions.

What if I’m pregnant?

Unfortunately, for safety reasons, we are unable to fly women who are pregnant.

When do you fly? 

Schedule hot air balloon rides morning, seven days a week

What if balloon flight is cancelled ?

Balloon flights are never cancelled unless inappropriate weather conditions. But İf it is cancelled , you will get a full refund.

What should I wear?

We recommend clothes suitable for a walk depending on the time of year and on the specific day you are flying. Generally warm, comfortable layers are a good idea. Depending on conditions, you may be walking in wet, muddy fields so sensible shoes or trainers are essential.

Is there an age restriction?

Children must be aged seven or up.

What about insurance?

Balloon Flights are insured.

Why do we fly in the early morning?

It is the best time for balloons to flight and for soft landing and sunrise.

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Hot Air Balloon in Pamukkale
From €150
/ Person - Kişi
From €150
/ Child - Çocuk (2-11)